Annual Home Maintenance Inspection

North Carolina & South Carolina Home Inspection Services

Even the most diligent homeowner from time to time may forget about performing routine home repairs and seasonal maintenance. We want to make you aware it is the perfect time to get a Home Maintenance Inspection performed so you can maximize and hold the value of your property.

We recommend having an Annual Home Maintenance Inspection performed for your primary residence and any investment properties you may own. This will help you keep your most valuable asset in good condition and prevent it from suffering serious long-term and expensive damage from minor issues that should be addressed now.

The most important thing to understand as a homeowner is that your home / property requires care and regular maintenance. As time goes on parts of your house will wear out, break down, deteriorate, leak, or simply stop working. We can help you maintain your home and show you what you should look for as a diligent homeowner.

One-Year Home Builder Warranty Inspections are offered at a promotional discount off standard inspection rates.
Apply or mention the appropriate promo code on our website and / or to our scheduling coordinator to receive this discount.

All Clients 50.00 off promo code (Checkup)

Annual Home Maintenance Inspection Includes

  • roof system, including the chimney & all roof penetrations.
  • gutters & downspouts.
  • grading & drainage.
  • walkways & driveway.
  • garage doors, safety sensors & openers.
  • exterior cladding.
  • deck, stoops, porches & railings.
  • windows & doors.
  • attic, insulation & ventilation.
  • heating system.
  • cooling system.
  • plumbing system.
  • drainage sump pump with accessible float.
  • electrical system.
  • fireplace damper door & hearth.
  • ceilings, floors & walls.
  • basement, foundation & crawlspace and much more!

* A Full Home Inspection Report
* NC & SC Termite / Pest Inspection
* FREE Estimate Of Home Repairs