Irrigation System Inspections

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Irrigation SystemYour landscape sprinkler system is a huge contributor to the condition of your home over time. Did you know if damaged or deficient it can lead to deteriorating fences, rotting siding, mortar deterioration in your brick, foundation movement and much more. For all these reasons and more, you should expect a lot when it comes to this part of your home inspection. Yet, many homeowners or home buyers overlook this critical system when reviewing their inspection. People often ask, can an improperly aligned sprinkler head really do that much damage? Yes, it can. I have seen everything from erosion causing a foundation to lose the support it needs to bricks falling out of the wall from lack of mortar to air conditioning systems rusting in place and on and on and on from the daily deluge they receive.

What Should You Expect Your Sprinkler Inspection To Cover?

  • Inoperative zone valves.
  • Surface water leaks.
  • The absence of a backflow prevention device.
  • The absence of shut-off valves between the water meter and backflow device.
  • Deficiencies in the performance and mounting of the controller.
  • Missing or damaged components.
  • Deficiencies in the performance of the water emission devices, such as, sprayer heads, rotary sprinkler heads, bubblers, or drip lines.

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