Boat Dock Inspections

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Dock Inspections


  • Check cables for frayed or worn areas.
  • Check cables attachment points.
  • Check dead men cables.
  • Check stiff arms and associated attachment hardware.


Check walkway for any material or obstruction, which would be unsafe Check conditions of all walkways to insure they are structurally sound, lumber should be free of splits, decay, protruding nails, or screws. Walkway from shore to dock shall be free from excessive spring, deflection, or lateral movement. If a floating walkway is being utilized, check for proper flotation Walkway cannot be less than 3 feet wide.


Handrails shall be structurally sound and maintained in a state of good repair and free of splinters. Walkways from shore to dock shall have a minimum of one handrail 42” high.


Check all wood and steel connections to insure they are secure with weld, sheet metal, steel plates, metal straps, or plywood gussets to resist movement that would tend to dismantle structure (25-lbs/sq ft wind load).


Lumber should be free of splints, decay, and protruding nails or screws. No scabbed-on patches, which contribute to tripping hazards. If metal, no badly rusted areas that might fail within one year.


Check all metal for excessive damage. Check metal surfaces for need of repainting.


Flotation shall be of materials, which, will not become waterlogged, or sink when punctured. Flotation shall be adequate to maintain a stabilized and safe dock. Flotation must be well secured to structure.

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